The Goochland Master Gardeners work on several programs in the community, including:

Scheduled opportunities to speak with Master Gardeners at Garden Centers, Farmers Markets and Special Events.


“Virtual” helpline for asking gardening questions and problem solving.

Lab evaluation of plant samples for identification and problem solving


Special garden talks by Master Gardeners or Extension Office staff to groups

On-site assessment of homeowners’ landscape and lawns

Special gardens created and maintained by Master Gardeners to teach children and adults about gardening





Individual garden projects designed to provide interaction with nature, experience sensory stimuli and restore mental/psychological well-being





 Various lessons about plants are taught to the participants of this adult daycare center with the goal to stimulate memories and foster activities. The learning

part is followed by a creative activity


.Today, we built up the muscles for the eventual planting of our small trees.





Youth-oriented horticulture and nature activities

pic of vole










Ms. Meintzer is available any day of the week of June 21st except for Monday morning.

I am available any day except Friday morning. Gary, I know you work at Ginter Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.




  • The Goochland Master Gardener have several programs in the community, including:



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To help Henrico Master Gardeners be able to answer questions about Crape-myrtle bark scale and to provide information to the general public, I have created a dedicated webpage of information on the insect