Who is a Master Gardener?

  • A volunteer educator in our community
  • Who acts on behalf of Henrico County Office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE)
  • To teach about sustainable gardening and horticulture
  • After receiving specialized training

Become a Master Gardener

The VCE is affiliated with Virginia’s land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.

The Henrico VCE Master Gardener Program is offered by the Henrico County Office of the VCE, in partnership with the Henrico County Master Gardener Association.

What training will I receive?

Master Gardeners receive training developed by Virginia Tech horticulture specialists, VCE Agents and the VCE Master Gardener Program Coordinator’s office. You will receive 50 hours of classroom (online or in-person) training, and then do a 50-hour internship of volunteer activities in Henrico County.

Intern-Field-Trip-to-MaymontThe classroom training includes basic botany, soil science, woody and herbaceous plant gardening, vegetable gardening, integrated pest management, lawn care and much more.

The internship includes work in demonstration gardens, plant clinics, and public education.

These initial 100 hours must be completed in one calendar year. At the end of the year, you earn the title of Henrico Master Gardener Volunteer. Additional volunteer work and continuing education are required each year to maintain certification.

Where can I see what Extension Master Gardeners do?

I’m interested! How do I apply?

  • Go to the Henrico Master Gardener Application Page
  • Download and complete the application and questionnaire then fax, mail, or email it to the Henrico Extension Office.
  • Provide at least two (2) reference letters to be mailed to the Henrico Extension Office.
  • Applications are reviewed as received. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview before the end of November.

Classes are held from late January to the end of March. There is a $200 fee to cover costs of training materials.

For additional information, please contact Master Gardener Program Coordinator, Terry Lautzenheiser at [email protected] or (804) 501-5160.

Henrico Master Gardener Association (HMGA)

3-Fold Purpose:

  1. Administer the Master Gardener Program in Henrico County20190814_132549
  2. Assist the VCE Office in Henrico County with educational programs in horticulture and environmental protection
  3. Foster communication, education, volunteerism and leadership among members


  • Voluntary
  • Dues = $25/yr
  • Eligibility. Anyone who has completed the Master Gardener Training Program through the Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Benefits. Regular meetings to share information with membership, provide continuing education opportunities, develop new projects, networking and support


Interested in learning more?

Visit Henrico Extension Office