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Speakers Bureau

The Henrico County Extension office and the Henrico Master Gardener Association offer programs to garden clubs and civic and community groups in Henrico County. The programs are presented by Master Gardeners or Cooperative Extension staff.

Interested in a talk from the Speakers Bureau?

Contact Henrico Cooperative Extension at (804) 501-5160 or email to schedule a speaker for your next event. Please allow 3 weeks for scheduling purposes. Choose from the topics below or talk to us about a custom presentation.

Landscape Design

Trees for Your Landscape – Trees can raise the value of your property, shade your house from the hot sun and give multi-season color to your landscape. Learn to select the right tree for the right place and to care for your trees.

Landscape Design – Do you have yard envy? Do you want your home to have curb appeal? Would you like others to take notice of your yard? Design and maintain your front yard so others will notice.

Shade Gardening – There are many shady yards in Henrico County. How do you define shade? What plants do well in a shady garden? Can a shady garden be colorful and appealing? The answers to these questions and how to work with the shade in your yard will be discussed.

Ironclad Perennials – Perennials are the backbone of most gardens. There’s a huge variety of plants to choose from and they come back every year! We will discuss how to select and care for these wonderful plants.

Herbaceous Landscape Plants – Herbaceous landscape plants add interest, texture, and color to your landscape. Choose plants that will add these qualities to your home landscape.

Native Plants – There are many advantages to growing native plants. Native plants take less care, feed wildlife, attract birds, and butterflies. Learn which native plants are best for landscaping.

Free Plants! – Learn how to get new plants for free by growing them from seed, taking cuttings, dividing and rooting.

Beautiful Lawns/Lawn Care – Lawns increase the curb appeal of a house and provide areas for families to gather and children to play. Growing beautiful lawns in Virginia can be challenging. Tips will be given for getting the lawn of your dreams while protecting the environment.

General Gardening

Garden Bloopers – Overwatering, mulch volcanoes, shrub balls and “crape murder” are mistakes we’ve all made. Avoid these and other bloopers in your garden while saving time and money.

Planning and Planting the Perennial Garden – What are perennials? How do you choose perennials for the landscape that create interest in the garden? Identify and learn some of the commonly used perennial plants in this area.

100 Square Foot Gardening – How many vegetables can you grow in a 100 square foot garden? More than you think using the methods taught in this class! Learn about successive plantings, container gardening, inter-planting and vertical gardening.

Container Gardening – Don’t have room for a full garden? Try containers on your deck, balcony, front porch, or tucked into your courtyard. Any- thing can go in a container and anywhere can be a garden!

Beginning Vegetable Gardening – Growing your own food can be rewarding and healthy; it’s also hard work. Learn how to plan, plant, and harvest a garden of any size.

Kitchen Gardens – Many of us love the idea of growing fresh vegetables but don’t have the space or time. Kitchen gardens are a new trend that combines vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers in a garden right outside your back door.

Indoor Plants – Bringing the outdoors in has many benefits. House plants require special attention to keep them healthy and beautiful. Choosing and caring for the many varieties of plants that can be used indoors.

Wildlife in your Garden

Gardening for Butterflies – Everyone loves butterflies! Learn about the butterfly life cycle, the two types of plants butterflies need, and attracting them to your garden.

Birds in Your Backyard – Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing pastimes. You will be surprised by the number and variety of birds in your backyard. Attract birds and get them to stay.

Pollinators – Bees, butterflies, insects and even bats work hard to pollinate our plants. Many pollinators are now in decline. Protect these essential and beautiful creatures.

Moles, Voles and Raccoons, Oh My! – As we take habitat to build our homes, interactions with wildlife increase. Learn tips on living together in harmony and how to appreciate the beauty and resourcefulness of your new friends.